Mount Cameroon tours

                        Mount Cameroon Tours
Trekking/hiking tours for Mount CamerooBelow we have listed some tour packages with Options A-D being on the Mt Cameroon attraction and Option E being the Korup National Park which is a un

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Ecotourism tours on Mount Cameroon Ecotourism on Mount Cameroon National Park Ecotour Guide Buma and team ready to hit the lava and elephant trails of Mount Cameroon Climbing Mt Cameroon

Mount Cameroon tours

Trek Mount Cameroon National park trip to Mt Cameroon

                                                                   OPTION A
                             One day trekking tour on Mount Cameroon
This trip is for those who want to discover the vegetation types of Mt Cameroon and for bird watching. You shall hike through the forest to hut 1 and the savanna (2100m) which is mainly grass with very few trees and you can see the towns of Buea, Limbe the Atlantic ocean and more for the savanna. There is really beautiful scene for pictures so I hope you don’t forget you camera for you unique pictures.
Distance; about 5.5km up and 5.5 km

Mt Cameroon trekking tour guide  Mount Cameroon

                                               OPTION- B 1
                 Mt Cameroon tour Guides Guinness race track (2 days 1 night)
                                    Hike to the roof of west Africa
Mt Cameroon which is an active volcano and the highest mountain in West Africa covers a surface area of about 1750km2. The Guinness Mt Cameroon International race which takes place every February month draws a lot of international audience. Runners and tourist come from all the corners of the world to take part or witness this event. Runners depart from the Molyko Omnispor stadium in Buea to Upper Farms to Hut 1, 2,3 and the Summit(4095m) and back to town using the same track they hiked with. This tour gives you the opportunity to hike and descend on the same trail use by the runners. The climate is cold due to the influence of the Mountain.
Buea is the Regional capital for the South West Region of Cameroon and a former capital for German colonial Cameroon from 1901 to 1919. It’s a town with a lot of German relics, the Von Bismarck fountain, Von Puttkamer palace use now as residence for the president of the republic. The tole tea estate and more are some of the German assets in this region of the country
Day 1; we depart at 7.00AAM from the hotel to Upper Farms and we start hiking at 7.30AM, we hike to Hut1 (1840m) passing through the dense forest to the savannah. At the savannah (approx 2340m) we can see the towns of Buea, Limbe, Tiko and part of Douala and at times Equatorial Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. When we reach Hut 2 (2870m) we prepare supper (spaghetti and tomato sauce). Upper farms to Hut 2 are about 7.4km.
Day 2; We take breakfast at 6.00AM and before 6.30 AM we start the hike to Hut 3 (3740m) where you see the May 2000 eruption crater. Then we hike to the summit (4095m) and after some pictures we then descend back to town using the same trail we hike with.( some 5.3k to the summit from Hut 2 and 12.7km back to town) Tour ends when you reach the hotel back.
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                                    OPTION- B  2 (3 days 2 nights)
Ecotourism on Mount Cameroon National park.
The above Mt Cameroon Guinness Race track (2 days 1 night) can be done for 3 days 2 nights because it entails a lot of energy and athleticism to hike to the Summit and back in 2 days so a lot of tourist who aren’t too fit usually decide this second option because hiking from hut 2 to the summit and back to town with the steepness coming down make a lot of tourist too tired to finish the trip on time.
So with this option on day 2 where you leave Hut 2 for the summit you descend down and camp for the second night at Hut 2 or hut 1 where there is water. So on the 3rd day we leave our camp site for the town of Buea, with this trip you shall have all the time to enjoy the attractions.

                                                             OPTION C
     Mt Cameroon hiking/trekking tour (SUMMIT – CRATERS TOUR (3 DAYS 2 nights)
                   Discover the Most recent eruption craters of the year 1999 and 2000
This tour is designed for those who desire to reach the Summit and descend to Mann’s Spring Camp passing through some of the most impressive eruption craters of Mt Cameroon. Usually the descend from the Summit back to Buea town through Hut 3, 2 and 1 is usually too steep for tourist and they face a lot of difficulties getting down so this tour serves as an alternative which offers an opportunity of discovering the beautiful landscape which you can’t find on the other side of the Mountain. If you want to see the beauty of Mount Cameroon then book this tour and I promise you a great experience.

10570377_10203423082331825_8229640764600606461_n_2  10362932_10203423085531905_5682284319154257328_n10440860_10203423088811987_1104524839124261418_n

                        DAY 1; Buea (Upper Farms) – Hut 1- Hut 2
– We leave the Hotel at 7.00AM and depart for Upper Farms (1000m) and start Hiking through to the forest to Hut One (1840m), from here we hike to the Savanna Hut (2340m) in a good weather you can have a beautiful view of Buea and its environs, Limbe city, part of Douala, part of the Equatorial Guinea Islands, Atlantic ocean while hiking in the savanna or at Hut Two.. Then we hike to Hut Two (2870m) where the night is spent (7.4 km for the day). At Hut Two (2870m) you can visit a nearby cave or have a beautiful view of town at night. We prepare Supper.
DAY 2; 6.30AM we take breakfast and we hiking at 7.15AM to Hut Three (3770m) where you can see the May 2000 eruption. We take lunch here. Then we move to the Summit (4095M), (about 5km from Hut 2) from summit we descend to camp 2 (3420m), this entire track is made of sand. From camp 2 to camp 1 is crossing the eruption plain of the famous 1982 eruption. Crossing this vast terrain of volcanic rocks, you shall enjoy the beauty around it with beautiful flowers around. From camp 1 (3240m) we move to ELF about (2935m) in altitude , The 1999 eruption craters are just few hundred meters away from here. From the Craters (2600m) we move to Mann’s Spring Camp (2440m) where we shall camp for the night. (About 12.5km from the Summit) you relax while we prepare you supper.
DAY 3; at 6.00AM we take breakfast and start our descending from Mann’s spring to the Savanna, we shall come through the dense forest to Bokwoango village (950m) passing through the farms own by locals who mostly cultivate Coco yam (used for preparing “kwa-coco” staple food for the Bakweri tribe who inhabit this region) some 20km from Mann’s spring camp we arrive Bokwoango village.. You will be transported to your Hotel in Buea. Tour ends here.

               INCLUDED Guide, porters entry fees to the park, transportation to and from the start point of the hike, 6 bottles of mineral water each, food( supper in Day 1 and 2 and(breakfast in day 2 and 3) cooking utensils, Snacks which you eat as lunch, sleeping bags and mats and camping tents
For Questions or booking;
EXCLUDES; food in the Hotel, Snacks

                                                          OPTION D
                       Mt Cameroon tour Summit- Craters and Elephants
Hike to the Summit of Mt Cameroon through its craters to the Elephant zone and relax at Limbe black sand beach.
Mt Cameroon (4095m) is the highest mountain in West African and second highest in Africa after Mt Kilimanjaro, it is an active volcano and recently erupted in the months of March 1999 and May 2000. The 1999 craters are located near Mann’s spring camp and the May 2000 eruption craters are located near Hut 3. The Mt Cameroon National park covers a surface area of 58.178ha. Mt Cameroon has a variety of flora and fauna but this potentials were been being threaten by illegal hunting and lumbering before the creation of the park, medicinal plants like the “prunus Africana” which is exported abroad and process for the treatment of diseases like cancer where uncontrollably exploited by locals and some companies. Some endanger wildlife species include the Elephant, Drills, Chimpanzee, Monkey etc.
Before the creation of this park the Elephants for some time now has being protected by the local “Bakweri tribe” who are the indigenes of Mt Cameroon reason being that they have a great attachment with the elephants because their culture is centered this animal. Their major cultural event the Elephant dance ”malee dance” draws a lot of tourist who witness this event grouping villages from the slopes of Mt Cameroon and its held between the months of November to April each year, each village has to host the event. Tourists are mostly attracted by the “Njoku masquerades” or the “elephants”, there are many masquerades and you shall be amaze when you see them. I shall not go details on this because its secret but I saw explain while on tour.

The famous Guinness Mt Cameroon International Race which is an annual event held every month of February draws a lot of international runners and media. Runners have to run from Molyko town in Buea to Upper Farms through to the forest to Hut 1, the savanna, Hut 2, 3 to the Summit and back to town using the same trail. With this tour you shall have the opportunity to hike Mt Cameroon through the Guinness Race track to the Summit coming across the May 2000 eruption crater; we descend to Mann’s spring camp walking on black lava sand, the cooled lava from the violent 1982 eruption. We shall pass through the elephant area at the lake where the usually bath and drink during the dry season, we end the tour with some relaxation at the Limbe beach at a comfortable beach hotel for tourist sitting at the beach.

mt race
Limbe also known as Victoria is an OPEC city founded by British Alfred Saker in 1858. It’s a seaside resort for tourist due to its beautiful beach, night life, attractions and climate. It seats at the foot of Mt Cameroon and host the Cameroon Development Cooperation (CDC) which is the second employer in the country after the government, the Cameroon Oil refinery (SONARA) is also located here. Major touristic attractions are the Limbe Botanic gardens, Limbe Wildlife Center, lava site at Bakingili village, Down beach fish market etc. Limbe is a most visit for all tourists who visit Cameroon.
Day 1; Arrival and reception in Buea and you will be transfer to your Hotel in Buea, a good hotel for tourist with warm and cold water, From the Hotel we shall discover the town of Buea in 3 hours, the capital town of the South West region. Buea was the German colonial capital for Kamerun between 1901 and 1919, also its Regional capital for the South West Region of Cameroon. We shall visit Upper farms were we see the Bismarck fountain, the Re-unification monument of Cameroon, view of the South West Governors office and the palace of the German colonial Governor Jesko Von Puttkamer which is today official residence in this region for the President of Cameroon. There are a lot of German buildings in Buea. We shall leave for the Buea town market so we can buy some of the food, fruits and snacks together, you shall experience the real life inside the market. From the market we shall return to the Hotel and then leave for the Tole tea estate in the outskirts’ of Buea, we return to the hotel and prepare for the trip.
Day 2; I will pick at the hotel at 7.00AM, we drive to Upper farms (1000m) were we start the hike through the forest to Hut 1(1840m) to the savannah Hut (approx 2340m) in a bright day from the savannah you can have a beautiful view of the towns of Buea, Tiko, Limbe , parts of Douala and at time Equatorial Guinea and even the Atlantic Ocean. From here we hike to Hut 2(2870m) where the night is spent. You can visit a nearby cave and the view here at night is wonderful. We prepare Supper (spaghetti’s and tomato sauce), we make fire and share some ideas, discussing before its time for sleeping.( Upper farms to Hut 2 is about 7.4km).
Day 3; after breakfast, we hike to hut 3 (3770m) where we stop for a lunch break, while leaving for the summit we shall come across the crater of the May 2000 eruption. At the summit(4095m) we take some pictures and descend on the other side of the mountain to Camp2 (approx 3420m) this entire track is made of volcanic black sand from the summit. From Camp2 to Camp 1 we shall walk mainly on the cooled lava of the violent 1982 lava flow. From Camp 1 (approx 3240m) we move to Elf(2935m) which is an area with communication antennas owned by some shipping companies, internet and mobile telephone providers and the Cameroonian military, this area is the only with an Aerodrome. The impressive March 1999 eruption craters are few hundred meters away, after some pictures at the craters we descend for Mann’s spring camp (2440m). What a wonderful place to camp were the forest starts and the savanna ends, so we camp within the woods but see the savanna close. Distance from the summit is about 14 km.
Day 4; as early as 7.00AM we leave Mann’s spring to the Elephant opening, we shall trek pass the lake which the elephants bath and drink during the dry seasons so there is a possibility of spotting wild forest elephants, After crossing this area we camp at neither Drinking Garri camp, Plante-Cam Camp or Bamboo camp the choice shall be made upon studding the situation of the forest i.e. the elephants.
Day 5; At 7.00AM after our breakfast we leave our camp site for the Bakingili village West Coast of Limbe just at the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. We take a taxi to a beach hotel which sites at the shores of the ocean with your rooms close right at the beach.
Day 6; At 9.00AM I will pick you up at the hotel we leave for the Bakingili lava site, you shall see the end point of the flow near Mann’s spring, it’s just at the road site, from here we take a taxi to the center of town where we shall visit the Limbe Botanic gardens and the Zoological center to see rescued primates and other animals. We leave her for down beach fish market to see how fisher men duck their boats and do trading; we shall relax at the beach for Lunch (a bottle of drink each and roasted fish at the shores). At about 2.00PM we leave for the hotel were the tour ends.
               Included; Guide, porters, entry fees to the Mt Cameroon national park, camping tents (2 persons per cent and some tents take 3 and 4 persons), hotel rooms in Buea for day 1(2 persons per room), rooms at Limbe beach for day 5(2 persons per room), transportation for tourist, guide and porters in and around Buea, Limbe and for the porters back to Buea from Limbe, 8 bottle of mineral water each (12 liters), food on the Mountain(supper day 2,3,3 breakfast day 3,4,5 lunch day 2,3,4) lunch at Limbe beach day 6, cooking utensils, cooks, entry fees at the Bakingili lava site, Limbe Botanic gardens and the Zoological center, toll gates, excursion fees for Buea day 1, fruits on Mt Cameroon.

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; some snacks you personal, extra cost in hotels like food and drinks in Buea and Limbe, sleeping bags and mats, You need hiking boots, torch lights, bag packs, warm cloths, caps and sucks.
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Climbing Mount Cameroon
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